A 5-Year-Old’s View of the App Economy

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We’ve heard from the teenager and the 13-year-old. Time to do a deep dive on where the 5-year-olds are and maybe we can guess at where they are headed.

Email — not dead, critical for getting a message to Santa Claus (who is not on #slack) about your dream LEGO® Star Wars™.

Amazon — truly magical app where your Dad can push a button and LEGO® Star Wars™ will appear at your house the next day.

YouTube — where you can lose an entire morning watching other people building LEGO® Star Wars™ or dropping really expensive ones like the Imperial Star Destroyer and seeing them explode in slow motion into tiny pieces.

Photos — great app to watch slow motion videos of your General Grievous’ Wheel Bike™ in action.

Target — mostly a great place to go to where you can look at actual LEGO® Star Wars™ boxes but is also a backup to Amazon app.

Messages — Mommy and Daddy use this app to discuss questions that I have about LEGO® Star Wars™ availability.

Angry Birds Star Wars — not LEGO® Star Wars™ but a great way to spend hours in a car or airplane launching Luke Skywalker birds or Might Falcons at Pig Troopers.

Author’s note: I couldn’t finish the infogram that was to accompany this post but anyone who wants to crowdsource app download stats and demographics, just hit me up in the comments, Yo!

Co-Founder of Peck. Other: Webshots, 30 Boxes. Early to Twitter and originator of little things like the retweet.

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