Sometimes you blink and a decade goes by. In this case, it is well on 12 years. I thought I would get this down on paper before I forget it all.

Twitter is certainly the oddest amazing story I’ve been able to witness up close in my 25 years in tech. It has been covered at length in so many places and in such detail since its surprise ascendancy at SxSW in 2007 that sometimes now it is hard to remember the first year when it was an aspiring SMS service that was missing a vowel. Back then, “tweet” or…

Squaw Valley 1983 — Credit: WSER

In 1974, an innovator and pioneer named Gordy Ainsleigh toed the line of a 100-mile trail race. The biggest difference between that race and races of today was that he was competing against, wait for it, horses.

He completed that race, the Tevis Cup, in under 24 hours, running from Squaw Valley near Lake Tahoe to Auburn, CA. In doing so, he sparked what would become the Western States Endurance Run (no horses!) and eventually the burgeoning sport of ultra trail running.

And one can draw an extraordinary line between that hot August day to this Saturday in an auditorium…

KD gets paid $26 million/year. Should he be playing without a shoe?

Try this with your Google Home or Amazon Alexa.

Note: if you are using Alexa, first say enable The Green Bird.

Say: ask The Green Bird how many times has Kevin Durant lost his shoe.

Last season, a couple friends of mine started to notice that Kevin Durant has a shoe problem.

He loses his shoes while playing basketball. Frequently.

Last season, he lost his shoe in the middle of a game at least 8 times. Nearly once every 10 games.

Which is crazy.

Now that the 2017–2018 season is underway, my friends are again dedicated to tracking this phenomenon…

My last installment took a look at understanding the actual moment when someone might use an app. Now, let’s take a look at something totally different: the information exchange between consumer and creator.

Since launching our Peck App, we knew the next piece of our Big Idea was the ability for anyone to build something that is peckable. Because, really, Peck App is simply an opinionated client — a “window” to get information.

This new window only works with something even bigger in place. No, not the new Internet of this season’s Silicon Valley, but more of a reimagining of…

Since 2006, I have spent a lot of time with Twitter, on Twitter, writing about Twitter, and building for Twitter. After this election cycle, I believe it is worth addressing the need for critical changes.

Twitter is an indispensable global information network that has been in existence for ten years. Twitter’s evolution has been haphazard: at times driven by users, at times driven by competitive pressure, and at times driven by business needs.

To preserve the brand, the safety of users, and to bring more people into the service, several changes are needed immediately.

1) Twitter needs to make abundantly…

We’ve been talking about the “attention economy” for a few years now but largely live in denial of the implications. Instead you’ll find entrepreneurs seduced into trying to build something awesome that solves some problem or other and often they will build something awesome that does solve a problem only to find that they can’t find enough traction to get more funding or build a business.

Here’s the thing that people want to avoid talking about: there are only 24 hours a day!

To build something that becomes a mainstream consumer product, you need to fit into some aspect or…

Update 3.15.18

Ok, we’ve been learning a lot over the last year and are zeroing in on the most exciting potential for our Peck platform: Voice. We are now entering a radical shift in the way we interact with devices and the types of of information and content we want to consume.

This transition requires an entirely new suite of tools to create, manage, and host applications dedicated to Voice (and Show). We think that Peck is the perfect entry point — think WordPress for Voice.

More to come.

“Apparalysis” and Distraction

Never before have we had so much information available at our fingertips and…

As I walk out of the kitchen headed back to bed, I see the clock reads 4:45am. After blotting, scooping, bagging, and cleaning my five-year-old’s throw up, inexplicably I feel hungry.

In the end there are coffee cups.

Midway through 2010, tired of one too many “rock paper scissors” to decide who got the task of setting up a mail server for the latest thing we were building, we hatched the idea of a simple cloud service to send out transactional email. We were early but not alone. Our prototype had a dashboard inspired by Chartbeat and brought a vitality to a system that had been heretofore opaque.

Five years later, our third CEO, Paul Midgen, texted me that the service was offline.

PING ( 56 data bytes
Request timeout for…

The older brother wants to play tag so he asks his two-year-old sister

Do you want to be a Fly or a Spider?

The sister declares gleefully

I want to be a Flying Spider.

Narendra Rocherolle

Co-Founder of Peck. Other: Webshots, 30 Boxes. Early to Twitter and originator of little things like the retweet.

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